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Introducing the Arts to Hearts Project's "Studio Visit Book" - A Visual Journey through Creative Spaces & Processes of Rising Women in the Arts.

We are excited to bring you a glimpse into the enlightening world of over 35 incredibly talented women artists from across the globe. Each artist's unique creative process is impeccably captured through a series of intimate photographs and revealing interviews, inviting you to take a peek inside their personal spaces to witness the magic they create.

This stunningly designed "Studio Visit Book" is an inspiring celebration of the power of women's voices, showcasing the different disciplines these artists use to produce their art, including painting, sculpture, and more. You will learn about their life, work, and the essence of their true self. Uncover the genuine sense of dedication that goes into creating such masterpieces and be awed by the talent of each artist.

To make this book even more special, it features a curated selection of artists by guest curator Danielle Krysa aka Jealous Curator.

Selected Artists:

Laura Radwell
Sarah-Mecca Abdourahman
Christine Romanell
Kreetta Järvenpää
Mia Rollins
Hilary Swingle
Jennifer Warren
Katie Southworth
Yunuen Esparza
Shilpa Nayudu
Nicole Young
Stacey Billups
Michelle Biggar
Doris Kapner
Joy Kinna
Tara Sellios
Anastasia Parmson
Rachel Gooden
Bridgette Meinhold
Janien Prummel
Kate Wilson
Juliana Rempel
Andrea Facusse
Nafia Syeed
Stacy Seiler
Fernanda Martinez
Kim Manfredi
Melissa Jander
Frances Berry Moreno
Grace Worley

Join us in exploring the beauty of art, the power of women's creativity, and be inspired to pursue your dreams. This "Studio Visit Book" is a must-read for anyone with an appreciation for the art world and the journey of artistic expression.
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Studio Visit Book Vol 1.
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