Arts To Hearts Magazine #4

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Our Issue #4 of Arts to Hearts Magazine is here, and you don’t want to miss it!

From stunning cover art by Nuria and Francisco, down to its last page, you will find our latest issue a blend of beauty and grace. With our guest curator Dina Brodsky, we have curated one of the most awe-inspiring collections of artworks that will instantly awaken the inner artist inside you.

From the editor’s desk, we bring to you the ‘The Magical Power of Art’, along with an exclusive interview with our guest curator, Dina Brodsky. Find out what artists hope to convey through their artworks and how a professional artist handles the business side of art.

As we step into the fall, our guest writer Elyse Jokinen has you covered with her ultimate guide on setting the tone of your studio for winter. Finally, soak in the artworks of 35 female artists from around the world who spill the beans on ‘how they do it’.

Featured Artists:
Jodie West
Linda Chido
Anna Luetke
Gena Brigham
Yochi Yakir Avin
Linnea Pergola
Robin Raznick
Marianna Dullum
Carrie Pearce
Debbie Daniels
Linda Mann
Jill Ackiron Moses
Valeri Larko
Hannah Zimmerman
Ellen Hopkins Fountain
Marissa Childers
Katie Koenig
Rachel Bensimon
Gabriella Quiroz
Ellen MaidmanTanner
Stephanie Danforth
Rohini Sen
Lynne Gaetz
Lyubena Fox
Laura Haberer
Elizabeth Livingston
Beatrice Karpovic
Natalie Eslick
Rachel Davis
Sheryl Ruth Kolitsopoulos
Alexandra Saunders
Chasity Colón
Patricia Halsell

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Arts To Hearts Magazine #4
Arts To Hearts Magazine #4
Arts To Hearts Magazine #4