Arts To Hearts Magazine #3 : The Bold & Bright Summer Issue

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Arts To Hearts Magazine (ATH Mag) is a must-have publication for all creative souls. Each issue presents in-depth interviews and profiles of both leading and emerging Arts To Hearts Magazine (ATH Mag) is a must-have publication for the creative hearts.Each issue offering in-depth interviews and profiles of leading and emerging female artists from around the globe. Each issue is packed full of informative, inspiring and empowering content, perfect for Artists, creative entrepreneurs, collectors, Art agents, curators, gallerists, creative students and for anyone looking to participate in the Art world.

Order your copy of Arts To Hearts Magazine today and explore the awe-inspiring world women artists are creating every day.
Scroll down to discover the inspiring stories, conversations, and resources inside Issue 3.

Issue 3
This Issue has been Guest Curated by: Liz Lidgett (Founder and Owner Liz Lidgett Gallery)
Cover Artist: Rachel Burke
From Editor’s Desk: The magical power of collaboration
Articles & Interviews: Rachel Burke[cover artist], Liz Lidgett (Guest Curator), Ekaterina Popova and Alicia Puig, Amy Salomone, Ellie Grimm, Alyssa Wolber
Art Biz: How AI Can Empower You as an Artist
ATH Community: 5 Tips for Crafting an Effective Artist Statement
Curator’s Selection: Molly Wood, Sara Johansen, Sarah Jane Tart, Amy Salomone Michele Thompson, Alyssa Wolber, Sarah Mangalapalli, Michelle Reeves, Sarah Luna, Jovanitha Le Long, Sareka Smith, Megan Morgan, Vanessa Wendland, Ruta Jansone, Rebecca Youssef, Laurie Kwo, Stephanie Kirkland, Alicia Wilkinson, Jess Quinn, Cynthia Holien, Lindsay McCall, Nina Lee Ruiter, Emily Ward, Hadden Sharapov, Ali Hval, Sarah Chavez, Lauren Lombardo, Jennifer Allevato, Ellie Grimm, Laura Dunn, Kelly Murray, Michelle Biggar, Poonam Choudhary, Emma Bass, Sara Drescher.

NOTE: Preorders will conclude at midnight on August 20th, 2023 [India Time]. The magazine is scheduled to be shipped in late August for delivery. Depending on your country, timeframes may vary and, due to COVID, delays are possible.
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Arts To Hearts Magazine #3 : The Bold & Bright Summer Issue