Exhibition Catalog: Emerging Woman Artist Award Exhibit

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2023 Fall Edition Exhibition Catalog, Emerging Artist Women Award by Arts to Hearts Project

Immerse yourself in the vibrant world of art with the 2023 Summer Exhibition Catalog, Emerging Artist Women Award. This Exhibition features the work of emerging artists from around the globe, offering a unique glimpse into their creativity and talent.

This catalog is not just a collection of images; it's a celebration of diversity, passion, and the power of the human spirit. Each artist brings her own unique perspective and style, that speaks to the heart as much as it does to the eye.

Featured Artists:

Camila Galofre
Carrie Pearce
Clara Ortega
Cleo Wolfus
Daria Vasileva
Darrah Robinson
Deborah Scott
elena niklander
Fatima Khan
Gabrielle Vickery
Georgia Loring
Giovanah Faraco
Hannah Cole Dahar
Hari Lualhati
Ingrid Wells
Jena Ataras
Jenny Reinhardt
Jesse Zuo
Juheon Cho
Kareena Zerefos
Kathryn Last
Kimberly Montalvo Calcano
Ksenia Sandesko
Lea Machaalani
Liana Zermani-Weber
Luz Angela Medina
Madhawi Algwaiz
Margaret Zox Brown
Penny Shearer
Ritina Ansurkar
Sam Jacobs
Sara De Pasquale
Stefanie Angelina Allison
susanna rose sykes
Victoria Peloubet
Yimei Zhu

Get ready to be inspired and experience art like never before. Order your copy of the 2023 Fall Edition Exhibition Catalog today and join us in celebrating these incredible women in art.
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Exhibition Catalog: Emerging Woman Artist Award Exhibit
Exhibition Catalog: Emerging Woman Artist Award Exhibit