Studio Visit Book Vol 2.

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Studio Visit Book is a Professional Artist book with Interviews, Studio Photographs, and Paintings of creative Women from around the world.

 With this book, the Arts to Hearts Project aims to bring you nothing but excellence, and therefore, we are introducing this contemporary art book that features some of the most talented individuals who talk about their struggles and what it means to be creative. In our Studio Visit Book Vol. 2, you will find a collection of interviews with these female artists, where we explore the creative act of painting, sculpting, and more.

With our books, we strive to highlight the accomplishments of women of the world so that other aspiring artists may find their creativity inspiring!

In Volume 2, you will find:

  • Expand your imagination: From the magnificent cover art by Anhelina to our thought-provoking collection from 34 artists, each section of our book is a piece of art in itself. This issue includes interviews from creative people like Anhelina - the cover artist, Ali Hval - an emerging artist award winner, and Ekaterina Popova –our guest curator.
  • Insights from the professionals: From the Editor's Desk, Charuka sheds light on what it means to “go beyond the surface” and explore the role of an artist’s “mental and physical space in their creative process”.
  • Learn about the creative act of Fellow Artists: The book features in-depth interviews from various artists, what their creative journey has been like so far, and what inspires them to push forward.
  • Get a peek into the studios: Our Studio Visit Book features photographs of artists in their studios, so you can have a look at these talented women of the world doing what they do best in their sanctuary.
  • Showcasing art: Featuring 34 artists, our studio book showcases some of their best works that will allow you to explore different art styles.

Featured Artists: 

1. Jaclyn Gordyan
2. Melissa Gile
3. Lara Restelli
4. Sandra Cavanagh
5. Debra Shapiro
6. Marryam Moma
7. Katrina Niswander
8. Zhanna Tsytsyn
9. Allison Clements
10. Nina Howard
11. Sahar Maserati
12. Cindy Ruskin
13. Claira Heitzenrater
14. Paulina Ree
15. Ciara Barsotti
16. Kristin Reed
17. Andrea Castaneda
18. Jenny Robinson
19. Theresa Godin
20. Geraldina Khatchikian
21. Yana Beylinson
22. Sheela Becton
23. Caroline McAuliffe
24. Emma Bass
25. Jennifer Mohr
26. Michelle Barkway
27. Sharon Wensel
28. Kelsy Schumacher
29. Jean Cheronouy
30. Cherie Harte
31. Cv Peterson
32. Ali hval

Studio Visit Book Vol.2 is made for creative individuals to let them know that their dreams can come true! 

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Studio Visit Book Vol 2.
Studio Visit Book Vol 2.
Studio Visit Book Vol 2.
Studio Visit Book Vol 2.