Arts To Hearts Magazine Issue #1

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Arts to Hearts Magazine issue#1

Arts to hearts magazine is an art publication dedicated to discovering, engaging, and connecting with women in the arts.

Our mission is to unite women creatives globally. With a deep passion for building opportunities, honest conversations and learning resources for artists, we’ve built a highly engaged community of loyal readers in the domains of arts. Our online platform is a digital representation of a creative community bundled together by a common interest in creativity.

With each collaboration & piece of content we bring a unique & unfiltered knowledge of contemporary art lifestyle and a diversity of possibilities for artists as professionals.

Cover Artist

Rithika Merchant


Hena Kapadia- Founder of India leading Gallery TARQ.
Interview by Charuka Arora

Rithika Merchant as she takes us through her journey of the past five years of art production and the making of her first monograph. 
Interview by Charuka Arora

Heloísa Marques on creating visual poems.
Interview by Juliana Naufel


What is an Artist date by 
Volta Voloshin- Smith

How to price your artwork for maximum profit by
 Rabia Khan.

Meet The Studio Assistants by 
Laurén Brady

The worst advice you have ever received Artist Edition by 
Rabia Khan.


Emily Mullet
Catlin Catwright
Malin Gyllensvaan
Sarah Detweiler
Joanna Pilarczyk
Leah Guzman
Rachel Le Roux
Fatemha Ibrahim
Elisa Vita
Sydney Herndon
Ana Sneeringer
Shivanghi Ladha
Anne Von Freyburg
Karen Turner

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Arts To Hearts Magazine Issue #1