Arts To Hearts Magazine Issue 6: Celebrating Women in Art

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Enter into the heart of femininity with ATH Magazine's Issue 6, themed "Women Inside and Outside." Curated by the visionary Liza Zhurkovskaya, this edition is a celebration of women’s roles in the art world and their dynamic expressions of creativity and strength. Haejin Yoo graces our cover with her striking artwork, setting a powerful tone for what lies within.

In this issue, you'll discover:

  • A Curated Selection by Liza Zhurkovskaya: Explore the curator’s vision through an exclusive selection of 50 artists, each contributing to the theme with beautiful full-page artworks that captivate and inspire.

  • People Choice Feature: Delve into the article featuring the top 10 most-voted artists, highlighting those who've touched the hearts of our readers and stand out in their dedication to art and expression.

  • Insights from Charuka Arora: Our editor takes you on an insightful exploration of the modern Maharani, blending stories of past and present to sketch the evolving role of women in society and art.

  • Marketing Wisdom from Rabia Khan: Artists looking to broaden their reach will find Rabia Khan’s marketing cheatsheet invaluable. Filled with practical advice, it’s a toolkit for success in connecting with audiences and showcasing your work.

  • Global Artist Advice: Gather wisdom from artists around the world as they share their journeys, insights, and advice, offering a global perspective on creativity and resilience.

  • Sonal Nathwani’s Floral World: Step into the enchanting world of "Flower of Sonal" by Sonal Nathwani, where the delicate beauty and symbolism of flowers are explored through mesmerizing artworks.

    Why ATH Magazine Issue 6 Is a Premium Must-Have:

    • Full-Page Artworks: Revel in the beauty of full-page artworks that allow each piece to breathe and speak fully to the viewer, providing an unparalleled visual experience.

    • Premium Quality: Crafted with the highest quality materials, this issue promises not only a feast for the eyes but a tactile experience that underscores the luxury of the content within.

    • Empowering Content: With its carefully curated content, this issue not only inspires and educates but also connects readers with a broader community of art lovers who recognize and celebrate the impactful contributions of women in the arts.

Curated Artists Names 

Adi Oren
Aimie Dukes
Alice Jennex
Angela Hansen
Anneli Noor
Beatriz Lugo
Bella Cardim
Braighlee Rainey
Callie Mulcahy
Danica Factor
Danyelle Yoder
Darlene Winfield
Elizabeth Pimentel
Emily Heinecke
Emma Pittson
Fabiola Smorto
France Benoit
Georgie Moore
ipek ergen
JC Little
Jess Self
Jessi Simpson
Jessica Licata
Julia Vermeille
Kaitlin McSweeney
Karen McCool
Kazia Poore
Kelly Isaak
Kübra Boy
Linda Chido
Liora Redman
Magda Betkowska
Manaz Raiszadeh
Mari Keeler Cornwell
Mary Jo Lough
Mira Malhotra
Petra Schott
Ravinder Ruprai
Samantha Malone
Samantha Williams-Chapelsky
Sara Drescher
Sophie Adair
Stephanie McLean
Susie Sprinkel Hudson
Sylke van Niekerk
Valerie Carmet
Vanessa Wenwieser
Yvonne Rojas-Cowan
Zoe Smythe
Olga Stachwiuk

Most Voted Artists' Name 

Stacie Amelia
Maëva Le Roux
Stephanie Oplinger
Taylor Marshall
Laura Jones
Megan Masnaghetti
Linda Poon
Sharon Furrate Bailey
Laurel Best
Cassia Chipman

Add a touch of elegance and inspiration to your collection with ATH Magazine Issue 6, a beautifully designed publication where art, femininity, and profound stories converge. Secure your copy today and join us in a celebratory exploration of the incredible contributions of women to the world of art.

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Arts To Hearts Magazine Issue 6: Celebrating Women in Art
Arts To Hearts Magazine Issue 6: Celebrating Women in Art
Arts To Hearts Magazine Issue 6: Celebrating Women in Art
Arts To Hearts Magazine Issue 6: Celebrating Women in Art